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This article is going to be based on questions and ideas of where to shop for good Elvis music in the world of Karaoke. Since we all can't afford to hire the members of the "TCB Band" to sing along with, (although that would be a dream come true for myself), Karaoke is very accessible and anyone who loves to sing the music of the King can participate.

We will also be discussing different sound equipment and props you could use in beginning your own "E" impersonator show. Whether it be a simple Karaoke performance or if you are looking to become one of the millions paying homage to the King of Rock & Roll by starting your own "Tribute to the King", we will have ideas and pointers for one and all.

The one company that, in my own humble opinion, is the best in reproducing that true "E" sound is Music Maestro. Music Maestro puts out compilation themes such as Elvis, King of the Blues and The King in Concert and even a couple of Gospel compilations. If you are a fan of Elvis' live rendition of Suspicious Minds, then Music Maestro is what you are looking for. They also produce my favorite version of American Trilogy. There are a lot of companies producing music for Karaoke but just remember, you get what you pay for. If you think you have found a different company with the same song, try to listen to it before you leave the store, it is probably synthesized, the less they charge for the product usually indicates how much they have spent on production and if you want backup music with real studio sound then I recommend my favorite company, Music Maestro. Just to let you know, Music Maestro is constantly putting out lost versions of Elvis songs so keep an eye out for your favorite lost Elvis music.

If you believe that you have found a better version of an "E" song, please let me know and I will compare the two and give you my ratings on them between one and ten on my microphone scale, also if you have any personal pointers you would like to give to people just starting out or if you have questions yourself, send me an email at, I promise that I will read each and every one of your letters and probably post some of them on this site.

Until next time, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building, thank you and goodnight".

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